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How might I develop my discipline of gratitude?

“The Eucharist is the great sign and agent of this expansive community of charity.” —Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response U.S. Catholic bishops’ stewardship pastoral

As Christian disciples, in this season of gratitude we approach not only the Thanksgiving table, but also the Eucharistic table. At the foot of the altar, we offer our gratitude in the form of our heartfelt worship and prayers, a portion of our money, the whole of ourselves. At Eucharist, we join as a holy people and remember Jesus, as He urged us to do, in the breaking of the bread.

The words “disciple” and “discipline” have the same root. In many ways, thanksgiving is a discipline. We can discipline ourselves to be charitable, moved by love of God and of our neighbor, grateful rather than greedy.

How do you bring charity to the community? What will you offer at the altar this month as a symbol of thanksgiving for your God-given gifts? How might you deepen your discipline of gratitude?

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