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Faith Focus for the Week
How can modeling my life on Mary help me to become a better disciple of Jesus?

In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus says that those who hear the word of God and keep it are blessed and included in his family of disciples (see 8:21). Mary fits this description. From the very beginning, she accepts God’s word and calls herself the servant of the Lord.

When Mary visits Elizabeth as soon as she learns of her pregnancy, not only will Elizabeth call Mary blessed for believing God’s word (see Lk 1:45), but Mary herself will say that all generations will call her blessed (1:48). Similarly, like a good disciple who hears God’s word and keeps it, Mary will “keep in her heart” the angel’s joyous message at Jesus’ birth (2:19) and Jesus’ words to her when she finds him in the Temple (2:51).

Luke shows us Mary, later in her life, as one of the faithful disciples, after her son’s resurrection and ascension, who was present at Pentecost (see Acts 1:14). The same Holy Spirit who hovered over Mary at the Annunciation hovers over her at Pentecost.

In the Gospel of John, Mary is also presented as a disciple. This is seen in the story of Marriage Feast at Cana (see 2:1-12). She not only informs her son that they “have no wine” (2:3) but informs the waiters, “Do whatever he tells you” (2:5). Mary witnesses to Jesus not only by getting him to perform a sign (turning water into wine). She also encourages others to do what Jesus asks of them. Every would-be disciple of Jesus is called to do likewise.

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