Learning through mistakes

Great Catholic families make mistakes: As Catholics, we believe that we are created in the image and likeness of God ... but this doesn’t mean that we are gods. The older we get, the more we realize how human we all are. We let each other down. We fail. We sin. And yet, to thrive as individuals and as a family, we have learned that there is a fine line between making a mistake and believing that you are a mistake. God does not make mistakes. We are each created with dignity, and we are all special in God’s eyes. Great Catholic families know that shame is hard to undo once it’s done. Even the biggest mistakes require a healthy dose of patience and love in order to ensure that they don’t become weak spots in an otherwise strong family.


Faith Builder: Does your family keep alive old wounds? Take some time together to bury old mistakes and genuinely move on from them.


Great Catholic families fight fair: As much as we wish family life were perfect, the reality is that all families experience conflict. We’re going to fight. Not selling siblings into slavery like Joseph’s brothers did is a good start, but even fighting has rules. Families that fight fair carry with them an application of the Ten Commandments, even when they are in the middle of a family crisis. Some examples: Steering clear of using the Lord’s name in vain in a heated debate. Honoring mothers and fathers (and daughters and sons and sisters and brothers and so on). Telling the truth, gently, even though it may hurt.


Family members who fight for personal victory miss out on how great it feels to work through a struggle together, and win as a team. Great Catholic families check tempers, are respectful of one anothers’ strengths and weaknesses, and always remember that obstacles make us stronger


Faith Builder: Create and display your family’s rules for conflict: “No sulking, no lying, no grudges, etc.”


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