Advance Preparation

Important:  During the current pandemic, funeral Masses are allowed, but are subject to the same restrictions as Sunday Mass.  Those who are not vaccinated or are not fully vaccinated should wear a mask in the Church. We also have the capability to live stream the Mass for those who would be unable to attend.

Pre-planning a funeral can be a thoughful gift to your family. So often, we meet with family members who are distraught and not in a good place for making these decisions. The time you spend on preparation will be greatly appreciated someday. The parish office has created a file just for this information so that we will know where to find it when needed. 

Cremation: At this time, the Church policy is:

  1. The first preference is that the body be brought to church for the funeral Mass and then taken to be cremated followed by interment at a church or cemetery in an appropriate vessel for the ashes.
  2. In part because of the additional cost charged by the funeral directors for bringing the body to the church and then for cremation, the newest funeral ritual of the Catholic Church does provide prayers to be used when the ashes, rather than the body, are present for the funeral Mass.

Please note that at St. Pius X Catholic Church the policy is that the Funeral Director calls the parish office to arrange the time for the funeral Mass; this is not done by the family of the deceased.

Our current fees are: $300 for use of church, organist, and singer. Gratuity to the priest and/or deacon is determined by the family, and given directly to him/them.

Obsequies: Liturgy choices including Funeral Mass Readings:
Reading I choices
Reading I choices during Easter
Reading II choices

Personal Information Sheet for priest to use in preparing/making homily personal. Click here to see the form.

Songs Choices: choose one from each category. Click here to see the different choices.

Please note that none of this is "written in stone" until the family has met with someone in the parish office for a planning meeting, when all will be reviewed.

Please make sure that you bring these documents to the parish office as soon as possible. You may make copies for yourself and for family members.



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